Now available on indiegogo!

The political season is heating up, with each passing day generating more by-products for canning by the Political Nonscents Team.

To move to full production, we are raising $50,000 on IndieGoGo.

Help us achieve our funding goal through IndieGoGo and get your own cans of Political Nonscents. For $10 you receive the can of your choice. For $25 you get a 3-PAC. For $100 you get a Party-PAC of 13 cans. For $500 you can form your own Super PAC of 70 cans. Don't want to be exposed to Political Nonscents? No problem, for $5 you can get Political Nonscents Avoidance and NOT receive a can (but hurry - limited quantities - after all - in today's day and age it is hard to avoid Political Nonscents).

Use the contact page at to let us know if you have any questions.